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Gifts of Hope 2020 Update

It was a busy week for some of us here at NAMI Northern Illinois. We were sad that we couldn’t host our traditional Gifts of Hope potluck and holiday celebration… but the show did go on! Untraditionally. Small-scale. In a major way. This year we found that there was actually FAR more support for this program than usual.
We cannot thank all those enough who donated dollars and gifts to the cause! We will try though.
THANK YOU to Alpine Kiwanis of Rockford for a grant to help us grow the program, to Chartwell Agency for donating on behalf of its staff and clients this holiday season, to Brett Hruby, Mary Ann Abate, Mary Ann Presman, Judith Steinecker, Patty Powers, Tammy Lewis, Barb Anderson, Tracy Meinert, Charles Isely, Tony Valentino, Tes Hastings, Marianne Marlow, Rock Valley’s Center for Learning in Retirement group, Karyn Martin-Bohl, Jean Morrow, Judy Cunningham, Patty Adams, Celinda, Denise Camiliere, Kyah Bean, Valerie Gibbons, Liz Oliver, Joni Bailey, Ruth Chandler, Gretchen Jackson, Andrea Wisniewski, Susan Petty, Debbie King, Barb Rogers, Girl Scout Troup 6, and Hanah Ashley (and friends) for your donations! (I’m sorry if we missed you)
Special shout out to Stepping Stones for the space to put things together and to Nicole Minett and Deb Wagner for being rockstars at stocking stuffing and packaging donations.
This year’s Gifts of Hope project resulted in 327 stockings FILLED with the goodies that are pictured. The stockings will go to our friends at Stepping Stones of Rockford, Rosecrance Mulberry Center & CILA homes, Shelter Care Ministries Rockford Jubilee Center, and SwedishAmerican ‘s mental health programs.
Additionally donated… all thanks to you:
  • 40+ body washes
  • 30+ shampoos
  • 30+ conditioners
  • 12 mens 3in1
  • 7 blankets
  • 35 piece sensory fidgets
  • 13 children’s books
  • 4 packs of plastic forks
  • 4 packs of paper plates
  • 12 journals
  • 40+ lotions
  • 24 decks of playing cards
  • Tons of chapstick
  • 2 adult coloring books
  • 80+ deodorants
  • 35+ toothpastes
  • 36 pack of playdoh
  • 24 small plush animals
  • 14 packages of wipes
  • 2 packs of garbage bags
  • 30 travel mugs
  • 75+ of hand sanitizers
  • 80 pairs of hand warmers
  • 45+ pairs of socks
  • 25+ pairs of gloves
  • 10+ scarves
  • 30+ hats
  • men’s clothing
  • 3 applesauce packages
  • 3 granola bar packages
  • 100+ toothbrushes
  • 400+ heartfelt, signed holiday cards
  • $110+ gift cards
  • Lots of candy
  • A few extra hygiene goodies
  • And an abundance of Twinkies
The above items were divided and distributed to Miss Carly’s, Remedies Renewing Lives, the Rockford Family Peace Center, Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling, Inc.. and the Veterans Drop In Center Rockford IL

You are making so many people smile who may be struggling a little extra this year with their mental health or a mental illness. Thank you for being a wonderful community and supporting those in need. ❤️

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