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My name is Mikala, age 27. I was a child who was taken advantage of throughout my whole childhood, by someone who should have been a father figure. I was very young. I was not even in kindergarten when it started happening. The person I thought to be my father took advantage of my innocence to pleasure himself. It was a daily occurrence and to this day I find it hard to trust men, and even talk to them at all. I struggle with constant anxiety.

My husband is the first person who I have trusted enough to share all my experiences with. I have not sought out help as money is an issue. I myself have talked about my experiences, but recently have been struggling more due to the community who wants to make pedophilia a sexual orientation. It is a trigger for me to see these posts. I have three children and a husband. I am constantly struggling to stay calm in situations, not let my anxiety push me into a corner and not be social. I love my family dearly and will do anything for them.

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