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NAMI Ask The Doctor: Understanding and Helping Kids with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges

We are grateful for your support of NAMI, and hope you will join us for the upcoming NAMI Ask The Doctor Webinar hosted by NAMI Medical Director Dr. Ken Duckworth M.D. and featuring Dr. Ross Green, Ph.D.


Host: Ken Duckworth, M.D., Speaker: Ross Greene, Ph.D.
Dr. Duckworth serves as the medical director for NAMI.
 He is double board certified in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry. 
Dr. Greene is the originator of the innovative, empirically-supported
 approach now known as Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS),
 as described in his influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found,
 and the recently released Raising Human Beings.
Learn more about Dr. Duckworth here.
In this webinar, Dr. Greene will discuss innovative strategies from the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model for working with behaviorally challenging kids including how to teach children skills like frustration tolerance, flexibility/adaptability and problem-solving, and how to collaborate with the child to proactively to solve problems.
Dr. Greene originated the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions. He is also the author of several influential books including the recently released, Raising Human Beings. During this webinar, Dr. Greene will share:
1.) How parents and caregivers can move away from focusing on challenging behaviors and attempting to modifying them and move towards identifying the problems that are causing the behaviors and solving the problems as the best way to change the challenging behaviors.
2.) How to achieve better results by approaching problem solving with the child in a proactive, collaborative and planned way instead of attempting to impose unilateral solutions.
3.) How to teach important, positive attributes and life skills including:
• Empathy • Appreciating how one’s behavior is affecting others
• Resolving disagreements without conflict
• Appreciating another’s perspective
• Honesty Dr. Greene’s approach is based on the empirically-supported Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model which best known for helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, but works well for all children.

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