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On the Application to Close Javon Bea Hospital – Rockton Avenue Inpatient Acute Mental Illness Unit

Psychiatric hospitalization is often a last resort option for individuals with acute mental illness. Once hospitalized, individuals can be monitored closely, accurately diagnosed, monitored, and stabilized.

Numbers of psychiatric beds continue to fall throughout the nation. Without access to hospital care, individuals with serious mental illness deteriorate, families crumble under stress, emergency rooms and jail cells fill to the brims, and first responders find themselves increasingly preoccupied with mental health calls.

On October 31, 2012 Singer Mental Health Center closed their doors and the community lost 47 public, adult beds. Its closing has privatized mental health care.  By privatizing, patients are denied critical services because of the lack of insurance coverage. Profits and profitability now dictate whether someone can receive care. Javon Bea Hospital is seeking to break its promise to this community to provide comprehensive inpatient care to those most in need. Our community deserves to be heard before any decision is made to allow the reduction of services.

Untreated mental illness is a glaring issue in our community and our residents deserve more resources, not fewer. Psychiatric bed shortages impact us all.

The Exemption Application and Details on Writing an Appeal Letter

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