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Community Therapists

Are you interested in seeking therapy services from a local mental health professional? We have compiled a list of community therapists that we hope can help you in your search. This list reflects a variety of mental health professionals, who all offer a wide range of treatment options and accept multiple forms of insurance. Click on the links to learn more about the practitioners and find their contact information.

Please be aware that this list is simply for reference purposes. NAMI Northern Illinois does not recommend any specific mental health professional, nor are we able to provide referrals.


What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a mental health practitioner that has received doctoral level training in psychology. Aside from providing therapy services, many psychologists also administer diagnostic tests, consult with medical professionals such as primary care doctors regarding treatment for their patients, and conduct research. Due to their skill level, psychologists are more likely to work with those who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Psychologists can work in a private practice, mental health clinics, treatment centers, hospitals, and schools.

Local Psychologists:
Lisa Breisch
George Didier
Michael Michalik
Jennifer Wilson


What is the difference between a psychologist and a counselor?

Psychologists and counselors generally provide the same services in very similar settings. The primary difference between psychologists and counselors lies within their training. Counselors have a master’s level education, while psychologists receive training at a doctoral level. However, this does not necessarily mean counselors are less capable than psychologists. A counselor can help individuals work through their problems by providing talk therapy, which can be most helpful for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or trauma. Most counselors receive their degree in general mental health counseling or marriage and family counseling and can typically be found working in a private practice, mental health clinic, or school.

Local Counselors:
Stephanie Calato
Stephanie Carey
Kathleen Cox
Norman Dasenbrook
Paul Fairbanks
Erin Grenke
David Heuser
Gary Hubbard
Harlan Johnson
Cynthia Kindgren
Eileen McCarten
Annette McLean
Therese Mleczko
J. Scott Nelson
Roseanne Oppmann
Jason Peckels
James Ryan
Glenn Sample
Mara Steinhour
Jamie Wagner
Scott Zimber

KP Counseling

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)

What is a licensed clinical social worker?

A licensed clinical social worker, typically referred to as a LCSW, is not much different from a psychologist or counselor. A LCSW will have a master’s or doctoral degree in social work, as well as a license from a state board to provide social work-based mental therapy. LCSWs generally have a very holistic approach to therapy services, which means they consider how an individual client’s social environment impacts their well-being. Many LCSWs include an assessment phase in their practice in order to become more familiar with an individual client’s personal and professional life. An LCSW can also help refer a client to other health resources. Although LCSWs are most likely to work in a hospital, they can also be found among family services, clinics, or treatment centers.

Local Clinical Social Workers:
Julie Barthels
Brenda Beard
Cheryl McArdle Culhane
Beth Drennen
Mary Fairchild
Melissa Gates
Barbara Hallstrom
Stephanie Johnson
Debra Prichard-Hurt
Jan Selander
Therasa Zito



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