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My name is Ronnie Manns, 56, living with several different types from PTSD to Anxiety but now I have discovered a way to own them instead of allowing them to own me.

Discovered my first dead body at the age of 8 and was truly not prepared on how to handle it. Kept this quiet for 40 plus years until it became quite clear that I had ceased critical development and needed to clear this cloud if I wished to move forward. Was witness to and participated in the causing of death, injury or harm to many others which keeps the nightmares constant and the faces fresh in my mind. They do not have the effect that they once had but they still exist and will exist for the rest of my life.

I decided to stop hiding and own what had and has happening, it was at that very moment that I began to see the decreasing hold those events held on me. The more I faced them the lesser power they exerted over me and the more control I was able to get back. I still have my days and nights but now they only stick around as long as I allow them to.

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