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Ryan Ferguson

My name is Ryan Ferguson. I am 42 years old. I have battled depression and anxiety for close to 15 years now.

My parents divorced back when I was in the 5th grade. It is then that I began to build a wall of unforgiveness in my life towards others. I chose to not have a relationship with my mother for over 19 years. I met my future wife back in 2001. Over 3 years into that relationship, we made mistakes and we were unfaithful to each other. When we realized we still wanted to be together, I learned how to forgive for the first time. I also forgave my mother and reunited with her. This decision also caused separation between my father, brother and I which led to a lot of confusion, depression, as well as 2 DUIs. 

I finally decided to go a doctor and discuss my depression, and anxiety issues which also caused high blood pressure. I was on medication for quite some time which helped me tremendously. My wife, mother, and kids have been very supportive of me throughout this journey. The main thing that has helped me is being involved in Church and diving into His word to hear what He has to say about me. Knowing that my Heavenly Father loves beyond explanation gets me through the tough times!

I have learned over the years that the best thing to do is talk. Talk about how I am feeling. Look for others who may be going through a tough time, and be there for them! Helping others in turn helps you! I am currently living a very blessed life, and I owe it to Him first and foremost, but also to my family for their support, and for a doctor who truly cares! 

Places where individuals gather by faith are often the first places people living with mental illness may turn for help. If your faith community is interested in becoming involved in strengthening mental health support and care in our region, please reach out to or 815-963-2470.

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