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 Support Groups offered for parents, families and those living with mental illness

The hallmark of a NAMI support group is leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the other participants.

NAMI’s Support Groups are unique because they follow a structured model to ensure you and others in the group have an opportunity to be heard and to get what you need.

What You Should Expect:

Meets monthly or weekly for 90 minute sessions free of charge.

Designed for loved ones of individuals living with mental illness.

Facilitated by a trained team of family members of individuals living with mental illness.

Confidential, you can share as much or as little personal information as you want.

Does not recommend or endorse any medications or other medical therapies for you family member.

Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar circumstances. NAMI’s Support Groups are unique because they follow a structured model, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to get what they need.

***Guided by Principles of Support.

***Principles of Support

  • We will see the individual first, not the illness.
  • We recognize that mental illnesses are medical  illnesses that may have environmental triggers.
  • We understand that mental illnesses are  traumatic events.
  • We aim for better coping skills.
  • We find strength in sharing experiences.
  • We reject stigma and do not tolerate discrimination.
  • We won’t judge anyone’s pain as less than our own.
  • We forgive ourselves and reject guilt.
  • We embrace humor as healthy.
  • We accept we cannot solve all problems.
  • We expect a better future in a realistic way.
  • We will never give up hope.



NAMI Northern Illinois is dedicated to improving the

quality of life of individuals with mental illness and their families through

Support, Education and Advocacy.

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