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Tracy Meinert

Hi my name is Tracy. Bipolar tries to befriend me and borderline personality traits try to describe me HAD my first break down at the age of 16 I have suffered and survived. Break downs and suicide attempts. And through it all, I’ve learned to be grateful and really choose how to give to tell my story to help one person to pass along never ever give up or give in it is not easy and please don’t be afraid to reach out. This is a journey you don’t have to walk alone

Thank you to all my family and friends of Stepping Stones for all your support and being my family Special Thank you to Ms. Donna, Uncles Steve V. and Larry S., Mr. Brad, Mr. Adam, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Shelley, Ms. Shawn, Ms. Kim, Ms. Jaclyn, Ms. Britney, all my brothers and sisters.

River North is my home I receive support as well as contribute to our community as well art and stars of Light and writing poetry is very much a part of my way of living my daily journey of recovery if I can reach one person I make it my legacy to live. a life a journey a life of recovery A strong woman once told me don’t pray for an easy life pray to be a strong person.

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