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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Telling your story may help you with finding peace and hope.

May help with re-affirming your values.

May help you find your voice and realize that sharing your story can help others.

“The Power of Healing”

We hope that you will join us in giving a voice to the struggle that millions of people face every day.

Everyone has a story to tell (1)We’re here to inspire people to express themselves and find help if they need it. As a result, bad language, violent imagery and other offensive and explicit material are off-limits. Please refrain from promoting personal websites, blogs, books and other personal projects. You must also be 13 or older to participate on the page.  Please limit your story to 1500 words or less.

Please note: Submissions will include your name as entered. Please DO NOT use your last name if you do not want your full name to be searchable. If you would like for your post to be anonymous, do not include your name in the body of the submission.

We review all submissions and this process may take some time, so your work may not be posted immediately. We cannot guarantee that everything we receive will be published.

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